2017. december 23., szombat

Mit dem jungen Herrn Nussknacker wünsche ich frohe Weihnachen und glückliches Neujahr für alle liebe BlogleserInnen!
Dear visitors, I wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year - Mr. Nutcracker sends his best regards, too :)

2017. december 21., csütörtök

Some more fiery colours...

 This pendant is not a new one, it was made more than a year ago, but I had no idea, how should it be finished, so laid aside, and at the end I totally forgot about it. I found it now, and was really surprised, how nice it looks - it has such an interesting, three-dimensional shape, but unfortunately I couldn't recall, how it was achieved :( (The only thing I remember that I was watching Murdoch Mysteries while beading...). Neither have I an idea, why on Earth had I chosen this colour back then. It's "Fireopal", a gorgeous, but defintitely not a modest one.

Since I found the shape of the fire-pendant so interesting, tried to make something similar - I guess, the technique now used is quite different from the original, but the final result looks not bad... I think, I will make it in silver-white too, but now I was rather in the mood for these coppery reds (which are normally not really my colours). Apparently I've spent too many time  fangirling about Jenny Dolfen's pictures of Maedhros again... XD

2017. december 19., kedd

From the ashes...

Well, that was a long pause - but I'm alive, and I'm back :) Actually I wasn't that idle in the last weeks (regarding beading and other crafts, I mean), I was just too lazy for blogging about them.
And as for the title: fitting for this re-awakening, flames will spring indeed in this post ;) Well, not actual ones, but sort of...

The colours of fire... glowing, passionate reds, bright oranges and yellows, noble golden and copper - they are undoubtedly beautiful, but somehow not really my colours, in most cases I prefer cold hues.
But sometimes I can't resist, because there are so many gorgeous beads in this shades...

...like for example the new "Scarlet" colour by Swarovski. For me "Siam" was a bit too bright, and "Dark Siam" althogh lovely, but for some projects already too dark . But this "Scarlet", it's just a perfect shade of red!
I bought more chatons and rivolis in this colour in order to try them in different combinations.

This was the first try (because I couldn't choose between gold and silver, so black became the "tertius gaudens"). I know, the picture is terrible, but I was in a hurry...
The only problem is (and that's my problem with every reddish jewelry): what shall I do with it? I can't wear it, doesn't fit my style... I could imagine this little cutie for example on the neck of a Spanish senorita, a tango-dancer or something... but definitely not on me :)

 And the next one... if somebody had said a few months ago, that I would use orange in a beaded project, i would have laughed about it. It was totally-absolutely never-ever my colour... But the "Tangerine" Swarovski crystals (maybe it too is a new shade, I don't know) looked so gorgeous in the bead shop, I had to give them a try. And well, if in for a penny, in for a pound... the tangerine rivoli needed some matching bicones too.
The result was this "Blossom of fire", a variation of my "Silver Cristal"-pendant, using bicones in the following shades: sunflower, tangerine, scarlet and garnet (now thinking about it, dark siam would have been better...)

To be continued in the next post... ;)

2017. november 16., csütörtök

Some more little thingies

So many ideas, so many inspiring occasions, but so little time... :(

For Halloween, more precisely for a thematic design challenge - without success of course, but at least they were fun to make.

My self-imposed challenge: do not watch a long-awaited movie without some fitting jewelry! So after the Hobbit-bracelet, the minions, Cap. America's shield and the TIE-fighters here is a little Mjölnir for the new Thor-movie :D Well, maybe no the best choise, but I had no better idea.
Now, it's time to think about something new from a galaxy far, far away... ;)

Last but not least... I'm working on a tutorial for these bracelets, but can't promise to finish it soon - writing the instructions turned out more difficult than expected. It would be great, if someone could spend a little time for checking it, whether it's understandable or not. Any help would be appreciated!

2017. október 13., péntek

Small things

Tried a new hairstyle for this little girl (older version: http://convallariacreations.blogspot.hu/2016/04/japan-babak-japanese-styled-dolls.html
She really looks better this way - at least more kokeshi doll-like. And since that was my original aim, I'm totally happy with the result :)

Two new colleauges joined the group of  my yellow buddies :) 

If minions are cute, then mini-minions are extra-super-cute, that can't be argued...

Some of my works were displayed at an exhibition organised by the library in my hometown :) 

2017. szeptember 23., szombat

Happy birthday, little hobbitses! :)

I started the blog more than a year ago, but haven't shown my greatest pride yet. This ought to be mended - and now is the perfect occasion for it!
Firstly,  now is the 80th anniversary of  The Hobbit - it was first published on 21. September 1937. On the other hand, as can be read in The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo and Frodo happen to have their birthday on the same day, September 22.

I was never good at knotting, I made only small friendship bracelets and thought that for a bigger piece I wouldn't have enough skill and perseverance. But when I discovered this great LotR-pattern on friendship-bracelets.net by the user frenchfry_piggy here, my fate was sealed :) It was a very-very long labour (especially because I used rather thin thread), I had almost gave it up, laid it aside for months, then started again... All in all, it took more than two years to finish it. 

The Hobbit-bracelet has a totally different tale. In December 2012 I was terribly (and looking back, I must say a bit unjustifiedly) excited about the oncoming Hobbit movie, so when finding this pattern by Baya, I decided to made a bracelet to wear in the cinema. Time was pressing though, only a week was left, but I hoped, it will be enough. It could have been a good idea... when we ignore the fact, that it was already exam period at the university. You can imagine the situation... But finally, I made it! I passed the dreaded exam and finished the bracelet just before the movie :)

Sure, that was ages ago... at least it seems so for me. I've already forgotten all the definitions and formulas I had learned for that exam, but my feelings for Tolkien's writings are the same :)